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What I have learned part 3!

Ok the biggest and best over all thing i have learned this quarter is….SOCAL NETWORKING!!!… and how important it really is. I know that there are some people out that that think its “lame” to social network but they need to get their heads out of their butts and come join us in the 21st century. It is an amazing tool to build your name and work up and hey guess what..its FREE!!!!! Learn how important it is to build our web and shake the crap out if it was really great!

What I have learned part 1!

Thinking to what i have learned this quarter the first thing that come to my mind is Blogging. At first i wasnt sure how important it would be for us to blog but then i started to get alitttle business form my blog then i caught on 🙂 Blogging Started of by forcing me to post new images every day and keep my name out there now that i do it all the time out of habit my work stays current and updated!

What I have learned part 2!

After we did the Blogger for a while we got to switch to WordPress! Not gonna lie at first i did not like the idea of going to wordpress why would i want to do that when i just figured out blogger! But once i made the switch i never wanna go back!! When useing WordPress i feel like it just looks and runs much more cleaner and nice! its amazing!!! I really think that my WordPress will be what i use the most out of the different ways we have learned this quarter!

What I have learned #2!!!

I think my next big thing that come to my mind that i have learn this past year is all about the wonderful world of Photoshop! When we got to do our composite project i had tons of fun! I took one big picture of me then brought in abunch of little me’s that were climbing all over the big me! it was super fun to make it. I also really zoned in on working my masked really well with that project.

What I have learned #1!!!!

When looking back on the things i have learned the first thing that comes to my mind is the one thing that i use the most out of any thing….that is the wonderful program called Lightroom. I am not sure what i would with out Lightroom now that i use it some much. I love having it for my work flow and just doing basic editing in it. It is so easy to follow and plus it just looks pretty, so what isnt to love!

PixelPiping it UP!

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